I understand there are lots of day trading strategies out there, but I wanted to share with you one of my favorites: the sniper shot. Is this a perfect day trading strategy that will always make you money? Of course not! There is no such thing as a perfect day trading strategy. With that being said, when you have a firm understanding of trading and technical analysis, this is a strategy that can be very beneficial when used within the proper context. I want to walk you through the foundations of this strategy and the principles it is built upon. While it may appear as though I'm insulting your intelligence, I promise that's not the case! I've had this YouTube channel and my educational site since 2013 and I tell you this because I've lost count of the times people comment about how some of the most obvious dynamics of day trading hide in plain sight. It is pretty amazing though how when you identify these basic principles and then implement them into a day trading strategy how impactful they can become. Instead of continuing to try and explain with words, let me show you a real life example of this strategy from my personal day trading results I captured on video!

There are certain times that we as day traders need to be risky! If we want to position ourselves in the best possible spot to make money online over the long term, risk is required! When it comes to the topic of risk, let me be very clear! There are a variety of types of risk and situations where risk needs to be viewed in certain ways. I want to share with you some tips and tricks on when I would argue it makes sense to get a bit risky and try and put more money into your pocket. The type of risk I am talking about is by no means random or coming from a place of "go big or go home". In all actuality, this strategy towards being risk is coming from mathematics and a place of probabilities. In other words, it's coming from a place devoid of emotions and filled with basic math. I understand that beginner day traders can sometimes see certain words and situations and become intimated because it all feels so complex, but that is not what we have here. These tips and tricks are centered around some very basic math concepts that anyone can understand and implement within their day trading strategies. Whether you are trading stocks, crypto, options or Forex, these are the tips and tricks you should consider using in order to turn your strategy as rock solid as possible!

I want to share a situation that just happened to me that is a large reason why so many traders fail. Because of situations like you are about to see in the video, many traders are taken to places they should not go and ultimately, will eventually fail. No worries, I will not be lecturing at you "in theory" and talking about how I once read in a book that this is how it could happen. Nothing like that! I will be using some of my personal day trading results that show situations like this occur, and then how they can potentially spin out of control. Whether you are a beginner day trader who is just getting started or someone with day trading experience, it can never hurt to be reminded of how situations like this can lead to failure. While I can not say that these situations will show up the exact same for all traders, I can say that the underlying issue remains true no matter where you are in your day trading career. The only difference is how well you can identify the potential traps and pits that will try to swallow you up as you proceed through your day trading journey. Let me show you what I mean with an emotional situation I experienced first hand.

Some of the most important day trader tips I can give you revolve around your emotions and psychology as a flawed human being. I truly wish I could sit here and tell beginner day traders that emotions and feelings can be completely turned off when you are trading online; however, that would be a lie. The best we can do as day traders is to be aware of how our human psychology works and then implement methods to help us fight against it. In this video I want to share with you a tip that I use in order to protect myself against "trading ego". In order to have consistent money making success as a day trader, you certainly need to have confidence and trust in your strategies and ability as a trader. With that being said, there's also a fine line that exists where you confidence can turn into ego. When this line has been crossed, you are setting yourself up for some very dangerous (and painful) consequences. I've been trading since 2006, or in other words, I have a whole lot of experience with the pain that trading ego brings with it for those who are unprepared. I hope this video demonstrates just how trading ego can arise, but even better, a practical solution that you can use to protect yourself against it!

Are you an online gamer? Would you consider yourself a "snob" when it comes to video games? (no shame there!). Well, let me tell you what I believe to be the greatest video game every created! Perhaps you've heard on online trading before, or perhaps you haven't.... in either situation, I hope to motivate you enough to at least look deeper into it! Let me be very clear though. This "video game" of online trading requires an immense amount of focus and hard work. If you are going to find consistent success it will require blood, sweat and tears along the way. So yes, it is a mountain size challenge to have consistent success, but if you are able and willing to put in the time and effort to climb the mountain, the upside potential is amazing! If you are an online gamer but also seek additional side hustles and ways to earn income, then you truly do need to consider online trading. You already have a huge requirement technology wise with high speed internet and an awesome computer, now it's just time for the knowledge. If you love a good challenge and want to learn more about this video game that can put real life money into your pocket, then let's go!

I know we all quiver at the sound of the word "quiz", but I promise this one will be very quick! I want you to check this out as I believe it will help to show you whether or not your expectations of the market and day trading are grounded in reality or fantasy land. This is important to figure out because as a beginner day trader, if you are focused on the wrong concepts from the start or have impressions that are false, you are setting yourself up for disappoint when the reality of day trading hits you. This quiz is very simple. I share with you an image of some results from a day trader and then ask you go form some quick thoughts on them. It's not a trick question or anything of that nature. I simply want you to observe the trading results and form an opinion. After that, we can dig into some of the more important aspects of day trading that will need to be addressed and understood if you want to give yourself a true chance at success as a trader. Let's get to it!

Well, the internet can be a vicious place. That makes talking about losing days and trades not very enjoyable. But a losing streak? Oh boy! Buckle up, things might get a bit rough! In all seriousness though, that's what happened to me: a 5 day losing streak! I can't remember the last time this kind of streak happened. Let's be serious, you need to try very hard in order to lose five days in a row, but somehow, I managed to make it happen! I'm sure this will bring out some trolls and armchair quarterbacks, but that comes with the territory of the internet. At the core though, there are some valuable learning lessons and a few tips and tricks I want to share with you. It may sound like a contradiction, but I made several good choices during the losing streak. Sure, I was losing money day after day after day; however, there were some choices I made that proved to be very wise within the overall picture. I want to share this personal case study with you as I believe it can help you learn how to deal better when "tough times" hit. One of the biggest day trader truths that many fail to realize is  that, at times, the market can attempt to break your spirit and will, but you need to keep fighting, but in smart ways! Let me show you what I mean using some of my real life personal day trading results!

When it comes to learning how to day trade, thanks to the internet, you have a whole lot of choices. One of the most common ways that people choose to learn how to day trade is via free information. While I 100% understand this logic and commend people for being cost caring about their money, I would for you to consider a point worth thinking about. Perhaps you will disagree with me, and that's fine, but through my own experience and from the countless horror stories I've heard from beginner day traders (been doing this since 2013), I can say with fully certainty, you need to consider it. Signing up and creating an online broker is the easy part. Pressing buttons to buy a stock or crypto is the easy part. If you want to learn how to make money on a consistent basis however is not easy. This is the part where you need make some big considerations and determine whether "free" is actually "free". Let me show you this big question that needs to be answered.

If you want to learn how to become a successful day trader who consistently makes money online, there are numerous skills you will need to become good at. When you consider all the skills that are required to make money consistently, I believe the skill I talk about in this video matters the most to day traders. As I say in the video, if I am a total stranger to you, then don't believe me. Go find a day trader that you trust and believe in and ask them if the skill I talk about in the video is important. The importance of this skill also demonstrates why day trading over longer periods of times is so hard. If this skill had to do with an exciting topic of the markets then all of this would be much easier to focus on and take serious; however, this is not the case. The day trading skill I talk about in this video revolves around an extremely boring subject. That's the sneaky part about the markets thought. The "boring skills" are the ones that will make the biggest impact on your ultimate outcomes of trading results. Let mem show you why this skill is so important, and no worries, I won't be talking "in theory". I'll be using some of my personal day trading results to illustrate exactly what I mean!

The topic of CFD trading has always been relatively popular, and rightfully so. The financial vehicle of CFD's (contract for difference) are very attractive and offer a whole lot of interesting benefits. The point of my video is not to bad mouth CFD's or those people who trade them, but rather, inform some of you about how they can be very misleading. If you live outside of the USA, then this video does not necessarily pertain to you; however, if you are a citizen of the USA, then please take some time to watch this video so that you are not mislead. In the world of social media, there are lots of traders out there posting lots of impressive results. Whether or not those results are actually real is a whole other conversation, but for the sake of this discussion, let's assume their trading results are genuine. Even if they are real, for us living in the USA, their results are extremely misleading due to a few characteristics that CFD's have to offer compared to trading stocks or options. I want to share these dynamics with you so that when you are forming opinions and structuring trade plans, you can do so with a full understanding and awareness of how CFD's work. This way, you can avoid building up bad trading strategies that are not based in reality! Let's get to it!

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