November 17, 2017

Friday Fun with Thor!

There was a new Marvel movie out, so given it is tradition at this point, Nate and I had ourselves a Friday Fun Day and went to see it. Afterwards we gave our thoughts and review of the movie, so if you're a geek like us and enjoy the Marvel movies, then come hang out with us!

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Thanks to a comment I received on a YouTube video, I have decided to tackle a concept that is extremely important for all of us as traders. At the end of the day, the concept is all about how we view the markets and our trading from a mental point of view. Given trading is very much so a "mental game", you MUST have the proper outlook on it. Too many new traders are greedy piggies or don't understand math... let's get that problem taken care of and get your mind right.

My February Trading Results: Frustrating! -

Yes!!! The Mind Trick Worked! My March Trading Results. -

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These are the people you are competing against within the market. You can either be one that takes advantages of the situations these people create, OR, you can be the one who is creating the situation that others are able to take advantage of. The choice is yours.

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It's time for another fireside chat where there is no fire. I want to discuss how I use inside information within my trading strategies. To be a bit more specific, I want to address the theory/accusation that I get thrown at me from time to time (perhaps you have to?) which states the tool of technical analysis (using "charts") is absolutely worthless because all a chart does is "tell you what ALREADY happened in the past". Have you heard this before? If not, it is only a matter of time before you do. I talk about why this thought process is one surrounded by ignorance and also show you proof of the results that I created just this past month by using the tool of charts.

How I Ruined My Month -

How My Rule Break Spanked Me for a $1,500 Loss -

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Of course, any new trader wants to learn how to trade and be a successful trader. While that's all nice and powerful to say, it's simply a general feel-good statement. How can this general statement be taken and turned into reality? That's what I want to discuss, but not with "theory", I want to use a real-life case study from a fellow member who set himself up for success and was able to recover from a rough patch. Get serious about your trading and establish a frame of reference. Let's discuss how.

The 90% Failure Rate Explained -

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Bless this person's heart as I believe they were trying to help and not mislead, but WOW! If this real life example from a YouTube comment does not solidify just how risky it can be to depend on random bits of information from the internet, then nothing will. The internet is a great invention, no doubt about that, but ugh... please be careful out there when you're new!

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November 3, 2017

Operation Christmas Child

My group of friends and our families have done the Operation Christmas Child charity shopping tradition for multiple years now, and I wanted to share it with you. Even if this video can get one person interested enough to do it themselves, then I will consider this video a massive success. Please consider! We have a lot to be thankful for.

Operation Christmas Child -

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November 2, 2017

What is a Mutual Fund?

Perhaps you are doing some initial research into the stock market and have heard about "mutual funds"? If you have no idea what that even means or how they work, then perfect! This video is for you. I use the pizza analogy from my previous trading 101 videos to explain the way a mutual fund is structured and what the main goal of the fund is.

What is the Stock Market? -

How Does the Stock Market Work? -

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This sort of situation does make me feel good from a "wow! That person really has faith in me and trusts me!" perspective; however, that doesn't mean it is what anyone should actually be doing with their approach to the market. I get it, people want to go, go, go! when it comes to trading due to the overall fun nature of how it works online. This ease of access though can really cause some people to take silly risks with their own money as you will see here. If you are doing (or thinking about doing) what this person is, STOP NOW!

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The plan has been in place for a while to add another vehicle for my family, and today was the day where planning, patience, and persistence all paid off. I hope to offer some motivation and inspiration to those of you in the middle of accomplishing a goal. Just know to stay focused and fight through the low points because the end goal is definitely worth it!

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